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Our yoga is moving and dynamic and may feel a little stronger than some types of yoga you have done before. Primarily based on Chinese and Japanese body theory, using the meridians, many of the techniques will differ from Indian based yoga in their instruction.

In this yoga every pose has a purpose and every purpose has a pose, so there is a reason behind everything we do.

What's great about Yoga-2-Go is that focus is on the individual getting the benefit for them that day as opposed to achieving a particular shape or holding a pose for a set time.  For this reason, absolute beginners and experienced people can enjoy the same class safely and with challenge.

Because we are working the meridians, Yoga-2-Go helps you feel energised and resolves systemic issues as well as stretching and strengthening all those muscles and bones. Because Yoga-2-Go works with squeezing and stretching, lengthening and strengthening, yin and yang, people often experience significant improvement in their range of movement within a single class. Sometimes even following a single technique!

To get an idea of what the first ten minutes of a Yoga-2-Go class is like, try the free taster video.

Yoga-2-Go takes learning from tai chi and Indian forms of yoga and incorporates these to add value. So, while the classes are predominantly working zen shiatsu body theory at times we will follow a Hatha sequence, a Vinyasa flow, maybe even some Ashtanga sun salutes. There is always space for a restorative class here and there, and the workshops and mini-breaks include longer restorative and hatha sessions.

Yoga-2-Go Yoga Coach at Te Kowhai Market, Waikato, NZ

Your Yoga-2-Go Coach - Kate

About Kate

After a lifetime of yoga personal practice, Kate turned her back on the corporate world and turned herself into a yoga coach. As a coach rather than an 'instructor', Kate prioritises people, rather than poses. In a Yoga-2-Go practice, Kate will coach you in a technique beneficial for your body, rather than instruct you into a series of posed shapes.

A self-admitted neuroscience nerd, Kate is interested in the science of yoga and wellbeing:  how modern life impacts a human template evolved to be a hunter gatherer; how the mind, brain and body combine in the human experience;  how stress is embodied, how embodied stress affects us all ... and what we can do about it!

Passionate about health, movement and the body, Kate is trained SuperCue - a specialised exercise program for over 65 year olds - and teaches local classes in her community.  The yoga informs the SuperCue and the SuperCue informs the yoga!

Additionally, Kate teaches dog training classes for Kool K9s.  This may seem like an odd combination with Yoga Coaching, but "under the hood" much of neurophysiology is similar, the behaviour model is similar and the general solution to problems - "Keep Calm and Pay Attention" - is the same!

Kate studied law and social anthropology and practiced law, ultimately becoming a barrister.  Her own struggles with depression and anxiety, overwork and overwhelm brought her to yoga.  Kate combines her experiences in a fast paced, uncertain and conflict riddled profession with her personal journey to bring compassion and insight into her coaching.  

Kate practises Tai Chi and Taekwondo and for fun she's reading, writing science fiction or heading to the beach with her dogs!

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Run, Te Aroha, Waikato

Yoga-2-Go Yoga Coach at Hamilton, New Zealand