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Update on Yoga Classes 13 - 19 June

By Kate Hay

SAT JUN 11, 2022

Here's the update for the restarting of classes following my back injury as at 13 June 2022

Slowly but surely my back injury is improving.

I'm still not allowed to do any standing work at all, no putting the back into flexion, and no twisting. This will mean that I will not be demonstrating many of the techniques, but I am now confident that I can run the classes safely for you and me.

The problem is that when I do too much doesn't it hurt in the moment, but the pressure and inflammation causes a whole lot of damage afterwards. (I did way too much when I first hurt it and exacerbated the damage!)

So, I am easing into this first week returning to offering classes. I'm not going to teach more than one class a day. This means there will be one offering of each time slot/location:

Monday - 6am - Strength Stretched Out (blokes), Te Kowhai

Wednesday - 5:30pm - Yoga-2-Go, Western Community Centre

Thursday - 9am - Yoga-2-Go, Te Kowhai

You can book by clicking on the link above or flick me an email and I will pop you in. If you booked classes in earlier weeks and they weren't offered I have fixed up all your refunds now.

We'll see how things hold up with this limited schedule and see if more offerings can be added the following week.

Thank you again for your patience and understanding.

I look forward to seeing you again in classes this week!